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July 26, 2022

Jen Agg: Is she a Real Bitch?

Jen Agg is the owner and power behind Toronto restaurants The Black Hoof (now Bar Vendetta), Rhum Corner, and Grey Gardens. She is both revered and criticized for outspokenness, her work ethic and her honesty with regards to rampant sexism and discrimination in the restaurant industry. She has no time for Michelin stars, and thinks vodka is stupid. Jen also wrote a bestselling memoir called “I Hear She’s a Real Bitch”.

Restaurateur Jen Agg talks to us about the trials and tribulations of running her many venues in the midst of rampant misogyny, personal challenges (her beloved husband had a stroke), and oh, a pandemic. Outspoken as always, Jen talks about writing, traveling, restaurant critics and the value of truth. Apparently the customer isn’t always right. Caution: C word is dropped, and Wendy and Mo get all worried about it.

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