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So enjoy this podcast Ladies! Way to go! Unreal how society ( not all) feel at a certain age we are no longer viable….. well we are!! Looking forward to more episodes ..::: Wendy you definitely got a raw deal….


Loving these women’s voices!

Great podcast

Listening from the beginning. Love these two hosts. Stories and interviews are well researched and delivered with humour, humility and panache. Keep on.

Such a wise and interesting podcast .

I look forward to each new podcast. Thank you for highlighting such fascinating female experiences. The conversations are enlightening .

Love Ya!

Very likeable and amazing ladies! Would listen to anything they do.


What a great find! Love these ladies!

Well Done

I enjoy your candid personal stories and great guests


I can’t wait until you have Lisa LaFlamme on this show….because YOU MUST. The way she went out was pretty badass… Great show ladies. You two rock. Love you.

Get Lisa on!

Love your podcast, ladies! You need to get Lisa LaFlamme on - stat! Special episode, if needed :-)


I forgot how much I missed Wendy’s style. The duo are great team. Those interviewed talk freely/uninhibited.

So Fun!

Really enjoying the podcast ladies! Keep up the great work!

Great duo

Love the chemistry between these 2!


It’s like spending time with girlfriends that love a good time, hearty laughs and conversations that mean something.


Loved you girls keep it up!

On the train with sounds of Wendy, Maureen & Jann

What a wonderful way to travel on VIA rail with two excellent Canadian journalists. Genuine reflections that sound like home. Todays broadcast interviewing Jann Arden made me chuckle as these 3 highly amazing women spoke about “failure”. Perhaps the Canadian character of national deference, politeness, and care has morphed into some strange sense of personal failure. Humble authenticity instead sounds reflective, friendly, and engaged. Life throws everyone a curve ball or two. High profile women talking about surprising professional twists and turns will help people struggling with an over-reliance on alcohol and substances to regain wellness and healthy friendships. Sounded like success to me. Looking forward to hearing more! Lisa Romano-Dwyer

I want to hear more!

What’s not to like about these incredible women? So relatable, honest and sometimes quite funny. Looking forward to hearing more and learning about Canadian women we all know of but don’t really know. Best of luck with the new podcast.

Women of Ill Repute

This podcast is great. You ladies are rock in’ it!

Three ❤️❤️❤️ up !!!

One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard!

Love love love this podcast

Real talk, with intelligent, engaging and funny women…yes more of this please.

Can’t wait for more!!

I’ve always been a fan of Maureen’s … even changing radio stations to catch her show …. Look forward to great things from this podcast and based on the episodes available now I won’t be disappointed…great work so far!!

Great podcast!

Maureen and Wendy were born to co-host together! Both were sadly missed from mainstream media! I love how the podcast feels like a conversation instead of an interview. Can’t wait to hear more!


As a longtime podcast listener, I’ve been searching for something new and fresh and this is it. I respected these two women immensely in their prime and never really understood where they went. This is a great medium for their great talent and I look forward to future shows. Mary Walsh was excellent.

Did not disappoint!

As soon as I heard that This podcast was in the works I have been checking everyday to see it’s release. I have always loved Maureen especially and followed her career wherever she was. I absolutely love the theme of this as well as the first episodes. Fantastic ! Can’t wait for the next show.

My new favourite podcast

Loved the first 3. Two smart dynamic women interviewing two smart dynamic women. So glad I’m a woman. Keep them coming gals !


A reason to look forward to Monday’s