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April 4, 2023

Bif Naked: Super Beautiful Monster

Bif Naked is so many things: rock star, activist, tattooed lady … survivor. How Beth Torbert, the daughter of missionary parents adopted in India, came to be Bif Naked, the artist we know today, is a story of courage and resilience. Born in secrecy, hidden away in a mental hospital, a victim of abuse, addiction and then breast cancer, Bif found her way, and she tells us her story, or stories, because there are many. We talk about mothers, drugs, kindness, creativity, and, of course, tattoos.

Bif Naked is immediately recognizable as one of Canada’s most remarkable artists. Throughout her long and varied career, leading a punk rock band in Vancouver, releasing ten albums, multiple film and TV roles, and a cancer diagnosis at the age of 37, Bif has seen and done it all. It has left her super and beautiful, inside and out. 

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