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Feb. 21, 2023

Ann Medina: The Badass of Badasses

The Badass of Badasses

Ann Medina says “The CBC fired me, and now they’re honouring me?”.  Yup, as they should. Medina was a foreign correspondent back when it was “revolutionary” for a woman to be in the field.  She tells us how talking to people about their lives was what mattered most, how she never worried about it being a man’s job, about why she got dumped, and how to solve all the problems of journalism today!

Ann Medina was a TV reporter for NBC and ABC before coming to the CBC in the 70’s, becoming bureau chief in Lebanon, filing for the Journal, anchoring Saturday Report and now being inducted into the CBC News Hall of Fame. She was on the academic path to be a philosophy professor until she started getting mad at how the news was covered. She is still mad, and still an inspiration.

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