The Women Of Ill Repute

On the train with sounds of Wendy, Maureen & Jann

What a wonderful way to travel on VIA rail with two excellent Canadian journalists. Genuine reflections that sound like home. Todays broadcast interviewing Jann Arden made me chuckle as these 3 highly amazing women spoke about “failure”. Perhaps the Canadian character of national deference,
politeness, and care has morphed into some strange sense of personal failure. Humble authenticity instead sounds reflective, friendly, and engaged. Life throws everyone a curve ball or two. High profile women talking about surprising professional twists and turns will help people struggling with an over-reliance on alcohol and substances to regain wellness and healthy friendships. Sounded like success to me.

Looking forward to hearing more!
Lisa Romano-Dwyer

July 4, 2022 by Lisa RD on Apple Podcasts

The Women Of Ill Repute