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April 25, 2023

Jonathan Torrens: What Is Normal?

What is normal anyway? We may have spent our childhoods trying to fit in, but now being a “normie” is an insult. When Jonathan Torrens moved to L.A., surrounded by buff guys in v-necks, he realized his future was not as a Brad Pitt stud. He says he’s quirky, we think he’s funny. He’s been a white rapper on ‘Trailer Park Boys’, a Quebecker who “Lévesque’s” his hair on ‘Shoresy’, all deeply offensive. Or is it? He says you gotta love to mock. He also got radio Mo to talk about “Dudes, dicks and does”.

Jonathan Torrens is Canadian actor and media personality. You know him from Street Cents, his talk show Jonovision, and for his role as J-Roc in Trailer Park Boys. He also delivers strong beard work as Noah Dyck in the series Letterkenny. Born in PEI, he insists on living in Nova Scotia with his family, where normalcy is tolerated if not practiced. 

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