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Jan. 24, 2023

Aisha Brown: The First Black Woman Ever

Aisha Brown is the first Black Women Ever … to have a comedy special on Crave TV. That was back in 2020, and a lot has changed since then, but maybe not enough. Aisha fights the same demons that many comedians do, be they female, or people of colour, or both. Am I funny enough? Pretty enough? Can I be smart and truthful and still have people like me? We say yes, and also who cares? Topics covered include getting older, social media and penis size, none of which matter as much as you might think.

Aisha Brown is a Toronto based comedian, writer and actress. She has written for Baroness Von Sketch, This Hour has 22 Minutes, the Beaverton and the Canadian Screen Awards. You might have also heard or seen her on all those shows, as well as The Debaters, Because News, Day 6 and Just For Laughs. Witty and self-confident on stage, Aisha shows us a more reflective mood. Comedy, after all, is serious business. 

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