Want to write for us? Great! Email submissions or ideas to

Things we are looking for:

Please check the About Us page to get an idea of our goals and objectives.
  • Astrologists--we'd love to do a monthly posting of love and relationship astrology.
  • Erotica for female readers
  • Feature articles and personal essays on sex, love, relationships... Can be humor. Can be serious.
  • Photos and Art -- tasteful. Can show nudity.
  • LGBT related issues from a feminine perspective
You can cuss. You can write any style you wish. We aren't particular. We just want things people can enjoy reading. Topics and Headlines are probably more important than writing style.

NO CHILD PORN!!! If you submit it, we'll report it to authorities.

We pay $10 per article we use. Once you submit to us, we'll get back with you. Please don't submit it elsewhere in that time. If you don't hear back from us, we probably didn't get the email. As of now, we respond to all submissions.

What to email:

  • The article
  • Your bio
  • Your social media information
  • A headshot if you got it
  • The Name You Want in the By Line
  • Your address for payment

If we use it, we might without notifying you of changes

  • Correct your grammar (like commas and maybe rewrite a dangling modifier)
  • Add headings and sub headings
  • Add graphics that flow with the piece
  • Edit your photo to mesh with consistency (we need a square, a horizontal, and a vertical in black and white). 
We will not rewrite any of it affecting writing style without notifying you. 

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