If you would like to advertise or sponsor Women of ill Repute, email Michelle with your goals at

Our advertising packages consist of advertising space plus free campaign planning tailored for each type and location of ads. This way, advertisements are part of the content and less of a distraction from the content. Color scheme, copy, and placement will all be geared to reach your target market better (and nobody knows our readers better than us, though suggestions are always welcome).


Content Marketing:

  • A short shout-out within a post about your product
  • A full post about your product
  • A series of posts about your product
Prices vary based on the amount of research involved and word-count, but prices start at $25 for a full article and $10 for a shout-out.

Premium Campaign:

Ideal for people and brands wishing to reach the female demographic. Instead of purchasing an ad, consider purchasing a full mini-campaign for all Michelle's sites and social media. 

Things you can get.
  • Blog posts and Shout Outs on 3 blogs
  • Ads in Side Bar on 2 blogs
  • Social Media Postings including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus,
  • Email to Subscribers
  • A well-written review of your product for Amazon, Google, or your website with a one-liner you can quote for testimonials.
  • Quizzes
  • Online Events
  • Customized recipes if your product is food
  • Customized DIY projects if applicable
  • Contest or Giveaway
  • Graphics geared to each social media
  • Concept planning for all the above
Email for a free quote. Tell us about your target market and goals.

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