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Women of ill Repute is a place for open, healthy conversations about sexuality for those who identify with the female gender.

Long has a male-dominated society and religious "stick-up-the-ass" culture dominated the way women view their sexuality. A man who is sexually active is often praised while the women shamed. Rape culture blames the victim while enabling date rape practices. As a result, some women have grown frigid in fear of her own pleasure, while others have grown to be more promiscuous in fear of rejection. When are women allowed to make their own choices, completely free from the barriers of men?

Free Yourself of Male Bull Shit!

It's time we change the future of society's definition of sex and discover our pleasures while maintaining our boundaries.

It's ok to look at men they way they look at us women.

It's ok to enjoy sex.

It's ok to have multiple partners.

It's also ok to be safe about it.

It's ok to be who you are.

Mend Your Soul

Our sexual experiences are very spiritual experiences. Every partner we have makes his mark on our souls in some manner. When you have the mark of beasts you never wanted to be with, whether rape or being talked into something you weren't comfortable doing, or maybe you were just a little more concerned about fitting in, it's hard to live with it. You're not going to hell for these things, but you have some healing to do. Soul healing takes years and requires large quantities of love, including self-love. We want to help you in your journey. You are not alone.

Improve Relationships

Our sex lives impact our relationships with people, and our relationships with people affect our sex lives. Many times women engage in sexual congress when she really just wants someone to cuddle with and talk to. Many times we want sex, but trust issues stand in our way. A man should never be bad in bed, and a healthy relationship is vital to fulfilling enjoyment. Meanwhile, your relationships with friends and even strangers are important to your self discovery and other core psychological foundations to a better sex life.

Protect Yourself

The delusion of liberal society will have you think that in order to be open about your sexuality that you must do lots of sex to prove yourself, but that's wrong. You must try lots of weird things that feel unnatural, but that's wrong too. Healthy sex is better sex. It's ok to respect yourself and only allow special people into your being. You definitely want to protect yourself from disease and unwanted pregnancies, but you also want to protect yourself from doing things that aren't what you really want to do. Not only do your sexual decisions affect your soul, but it also affects your emotions, psyche, and relationships. These are all important to you and a healthy life, and we want to help you find that balance.

Enjoy Yourself

Sex was meant to be pleasurable; otherwise, we would never climax. Don't be afraid to let those eyes roll to the back of your head as you scream, moan, or hold your breath. Don't be afraid to discover what makes your lady bits tremble in excitement. Don't be afraid to release that energy into the world. We do want you to enjoy yourself in ways that would make the devil blush, and we hope to help you with that without having to manually do it ourselves.

Accept Yourself

What is natural to you is defined by you and no one else. Whatever that is to you can be ok with you. The world is always going to mock people, and if they can't come up with something honest (and they rarely can), they make the shit up. Don't believe it. Believe in yourself instead. The more you believe in yourself, the more the hate rolls off of you like water on a duck. You may not be able to silence the demons that surround you or reside within you, but you can learn to recognize when it's a lie.

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