What Makes the Devil so Damned Hot?

The hottest bad boy in the history of the world seemingly can't stop attracting good girls. Why? What's so sexy about the bad boy? Why are we women always FALLING for the wrong guy?

This article is based on "myth." Any resemblance to anyone you actually know is purely a coincidence.

The Devil is Hot

No doubt he's hot, in more than one way. Science is often baffled at why the dark triad men (the devils) attract more women than the nice guys. I can only assume we seek such knowledge because men are concerned about getting laid, but us women kind of wonder why we end up with assholes. It isn't the dark triad (callousness, narcissism, impulsivity) that attracts us. One study suggests our hormones deceive us into thinking sexy equates good dad.

But what is possible, and more probable, is that those traits lead to a wonderful mating dance we women can't resist. Chemistry feels to be out of our control, but as one would analyze a Peacock's Mating Call, one realizes that these dark triads are attention whores, and they flaunt their feathers and scream loudly to get our attention better.

What is it about the devil that is so hot? Well, for starters...

He's Confident

Ever go on a date with a guy who isn't sure which way to go? He walks into a room with a spaced out look on his face like a deer in the headlights and might accidentally forget to do something, say something, or go the wrong way. He starts to ignore what you're saying because he's unsure what to do next. The hostess may ask how many, and he responds, "Oh, you are talking to me? Um. I don't know. I'm debating on going to the bar. What do you want to do? I guess there's two of us." Nice guys do this a lot. Not a turn on.

The devil knows exactly where he's going. He knows who is talking to him, and he's not afraid to respond. Even when his mind is elsewhere, he returns to your world like he's doing you a favor. He's not afraid to compliment your outfit, or to ask you a question, or to compliment the hostess right next to you. He has no insecurity interfering with how he words things or what you are saying, and as a result, his presence is stronger and more intense.

He's Curious

Curiosity is a healthy sign of intelligent life. More importantly, curiosity makes conversation more active, especially if he's curious in something you are saying or doing. Curiosity is also contagious, and makes things much more fun.

Imagine being at an art museum. You stare at a painting. It's orange. Great. You read the description. Some guy named John painted it. Yeah. Move on. But with the devil, it's more than that. All the sudden you are wondering what John was thinking when he painted one stroke in particular. Do you think he did that intentionally? When you leave that art museum, the memory of that painting in particular will haunt you for the rest of your life.

His Story is Intensely Interesting

Women love drama, and the devil is all about the drama. His story of rebellion, exploration, and independence is more of a thriller than Michael Jackson. All devils have their past, one full of things you day-dreamed about doing full of some kind of excitement. You know, with this man, you will do something worth doing, at least once in your life.

He Will Make You Do Things You Wouldn't Normally Do

The devil is all about temptation, and there are just some sins we can't do with just anyone. We have to be seduced into doing it. Sometimes it's sexual like the story behind 50 Shades of Grey, and sometimes it's a normal life thing like starting your own business. The devil will make you taste and touch things you never would, and it's exciting and unforgettable.

He'll Take You Places

You have a guy who speaks with confidence and can charm you into anything. That's a guy who makes us feel like we CAN go places. He's going to take us to a better place. He has a heaven in the works, a paradise, to save us from what ever is holding us down. It's not as peaceful as nice-guy's heaven, but it's more dazzling and fancy.

Unfortunately, his attention span is short term. Don't get me wrong, he has hopes and dreams for the long term, but will you be there? Doubtful.

He Needs Saving

I don't know why we women do this, but we want to be helpful or something because we love the idea of "improving" a man, or changing him. It might be our primordial instinct to nurture, but the fact is Mr. Nice Guy doesn't need saving. He's fine. The devil needs us. He fell far from grace. He is broken. He needs our love to mend his wounds. While the devil is busy showing us all the glory of hell and sin, we want to show him the glory of God with our loyalty, love, and stability.

We don't fall for devils because they are narcissistic or lack morality. We fall for the good qualities that helped them rise in their hells. These qualities make colorful feathers on the tail of the peacock while nice guys are hanging out in gray. Our instinct can't ignore these bright colors, even when we try to.

Many of us are in our own hells of some sort, and the devil is a promise that we can take charge of it all. If you can't rise above, rise within. Of course, the nice guys are willing to carry you to a higher place.

Dear Lucifer, if you ever read this, remember, hell is only hot because you are.

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Michelle Grewe

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