Men Can Be Crazy, Feminist Whores Too

The double standard effect: Why is it a "stud" gets practically a man medal if he has multiple partners, but if a female does so she is considered a woman of ill repute, slut,whore. Casual sex(as opposed to "business sex"?). Is it possible to put emotion aside and have a no strings attached fling? I think so!

When a woman screws fifteen guys in a year she is labeled promiscuous. Reversed, guys get god status and inflamed egos. Double standards are a cop out; an excuse to justify one genders behavior and exclude, punish and degrade the other. Why are dominant males considered respectable, while alpha females are called crazy feminist or bitches?

If you are bold enough, like me , to call a dude a bitch he gets offended and ready to fight. On the other hand he calls you the big B and justifies it as a title of respect.

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Just like I tell my six year old son," just because one is a female does not necessarily make her a woman or lady." That shit is earned. That is queen bee title! I'm not saying go be the virgin Mary and that you cannot do you! You should love whomever YOU feel is right. Your choice and no one else's business. Feelings and emotions are not logical and therefore neither right or wrong.


How one represents themselves equates to your reputation. How you dress, carry yourself and what persona you exude is going to be your reflection in society's eyes.

A woman of ill repute?

Call me what you want, but you will be accountable for your words and actions. An opinion doesn't make such a fact.

This I'll leave you with: I am one of the "sickest" ladies you will ever have the pleasure of acquainting. No one can tell me who I am. That is for me to decide. Live your own life and be the best YOU, you can be. We are merely human and fall vastly short of perfection! Be a beautiful,confident mistake, like only you can.

(Microphone drops)

By Valerie Russo

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