Fight like a Girl: Be Wonder Woman

A brave hero in a time of battle is someone who stands his ground and is undefeated... I'm kidding. The real hero is the one who shows up to clean up the mess, mend the wounds, and comfort those in tears. Wait a minute. Did I just describe a hero or a heroine? Fight like a girl means to fight with beauty, strength, commitment, passion, compassion, truth and love.

Forget Super, Be Wonder

Superwoman was introduced in comics several times as a woman with super powers who always seemed to gain her powers from some man and then lose those powers before the end of the story. Boo. Wonder Woman, however, was an Amazonian Warrior. You can't take away her powers because she earned them.

In her story, Wonder Woman, Diana, was blessed by gods at birth to be "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, as strong as Hercules, and as swift as Hermes." At some point in the game, she surrenders her god-like power to stay in "Man's World" instead of transcending to another world with her fellow Amazonians. From there, I Ching, a Chinese mentor, teaches her martial arts when she regains adventures using her fighting skills instead of her powers.

Super woman loses her powers. Wonder woman retrains.

Super means Good or Excellent by standard dictionaries. How boring is that? Oh, I'm amazing at what I do. Big deal. Pffft.

Wonder has various meanings:
  • A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable
  • Desire or be curious to know something.
  • Marvel (how ironic since DC Comics owns her trademark)

Now that's a word that best describes what it means to be a woman. We are not super. We are wonder.

Not only can we do amazing things like "rub & scrub this old house til it's shinin like a dime, feed the baby, grease the car, & powder my face at the same time, get all dressed up, go out and swing til 4 a.m. and then lay down at 5, jump up at 6, and start all over again..." But we can also be admired for these things: our beauty, our strength, our commitment, our compassion, our love.

Wonder at our Beauty

A little powder, mascara and lipstick, and we're ready for war. Try not to break a nail, and don't let the recoil knock you off your heels.

One of Wonder Woman's powers is a tiara that serves as a projectile. Metaphorically, our beauty is our tiara.

Judith, in the Bible, used her sexiness to seduce the leader of her people's enemy. She got him drunk, chopped off his head, and walked out of enemy grounds with his head in her purse to take home to show her people that he was slaughtered.

But our true beauty is on the inside. Ever wonder why men always seem to check you out more on your bad hair days? That's because your inner beauty is shining right through your sweat pants and unmatching sweater. The purer our hearts, the more inviting our vibe is to others.

Fight like a girl means to look good while fighting. Men in war look like something the cat coughed up. They smell even worse. The women, on the other hand, can go days without makeup and a good shower and still smell and look good in comparison to a man.

God made women prettier than He made men. God must of been a man because only a man would put that much time to create such a beautiful work of art for himself. A female god would have made us ugly because she doesn't want the competition.

Beauty is our gift. We maintain it even when we aren't trying. Our curves. Our facial features. Our skin and hair. Men can't compete with their bony knees, oaf feet and hairy backs.

Wonder at our Strength

Smile. I bet you smile most when you are hurting, weak, and holding back tears. We do that. Women do that.

Wonder woman had two indestructible bracelets. Indestructibility is our super power. When we fall down, we might lay there for a minute and take a nap (beauty sleep), but we get ourselves back up eventually, mainly because we get bored. Men don't do that. They almost always need a woman to help them up.

Our inner strength is stronger than any muscle in the body. We endure. We give birth and then clean the house with our innards seeping out for 6 weeks straight. Men buckle at the sight of a sniffle, otherwise known as a man flu.

When you cook dinner despite your migraine and nausea, that's your strength. When you have to work twice as hard to be considered slightly less than equal in a man's world, that's your strength.

Wonder at our Commitment

Wonder woman gave up all her powers to stay in "Man's World." She gave up everything for a world she loved, and then started over. She retrained. She learned how to be wonder on our terms with our limitations. She was committed to us.

It's funny that the stereotype of a man is a person who fears commitment and it's always the woman who wants one. What's funny about that is the Marine Corp's values are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. A true warrior is committed. The stereotype of being a woman is more manly than that of a man sometimes.

Sacrifice is something that almost comes with the territory of being a woman, especially when we become mothers. We sacrifice because we are committed to whoever we love and whatever we do.

One of the reasons why this is a man's world is because women are committed to their men. We have built them up and let that spot light shine on them doing all the leg work behind the scenes and all the nurturing these men need to be something in this life that no wonder they think they've taken over the world. Hillary Clinton probably served more as President of the United States when Bill was president than she ever would if she were president. Why? Because despite everything, she remained committed to him. She built that man.

Wonder at our Passion

A person is most beautiful when he/she is in the middle of working hard for something they feel passionate about: something that makes it hard to control our emotions. Wonder Woman's passion was bringing peace by fighting those who sought to destroy that. Her passion fueled her need to train, retrain, and endure.

But she is more than that. Her passion in the real world paved the way for feminism as feminism evolved in the 20th century. Everything about Wonder Women depicted passions we women still talk about today, like birth control and women's rights.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman is as racy, as improbable, as awesomely righteous, and as filled with curious devices as an episode of the comic book itself. In the nexus of feminism and popular culture, Jill Lepore has found a revelatory chapter of American history. I will never look at Wonder Woman’s bracelets the same way again.” —Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home

Wonder Woman is something to wonder at in her stories and in the creation of her stories. The passion that fueled her life as we know it is a passion all of us can empathize: a desire to help women find peace in a man's world.

We all have our own passions in life, but it is within that passion do we fight our hardest, our bravest, and with everything we got. In our passion, we pack a punch. In our passion, we make things happen.

(you know what? Bitches get shit done quote)

Wonder at our Compassion

While Wonder Woman's passion was for peace, she had to let go of her own peace in order to give peace to others. Her compassion for foreign people became the backbone to her purpose in life.

Through compassion, we find purpose.

When I worked at a nonprofit, a lady came in and didn't get the things she needed for Christmas to give her kids. I donated a $100 gift card to Walmart out of my pocket and had it delivered anonymously with a set of flowers. The guy I dated at the time thought it was stupid. "I would never do that. If she had a job, she wouldn't have needed your help," but then there was, "I love that you did it. Something about you and your heart..."

When my grandparents were eating out one night, their server had this dog she needed to get rid of. A nasty dog nobody wanted. My grandmother took him in as a favor to her server, and my grandfather hated it, but best believe when my grandmother passed away, that dog became my grandfather's best friend.

Our compassion is something men naturally lack on a general, stereotypical level. Our desire to nurture and create is instinctive, and men love seeing us do the right thing even when they refuse to do it themselves.

In compassion, we exceed expectations. We don't just do a job and get her done, but we transcend to make miracles happen.

Wonder at our Truth

Wonder Woman was armed with a Lasso of Truth. Yep. She bitch slapped people with the truth because the truth hurts.

To fight like a girl is wield truth as a weapon. We are always looking for the truth. We are always looking for people's stories and how that makes them feel.

When your kids start fighting, it is the woman who asks, "What's going on?" We want to know the truth, and then we use some truth to break up the fight, "If you keep hitting your sister, she's going to hit you back."

But it's more than that. We are given a woman's intuition for a reason. Inside, we know the truths of the world in a God-Given manner, and it is within trusting our own instincts do we fight with truth.
Wonder at our Love

The greatest love on earth is between a mother and her child. When you watch a mother cook, clean, and care for her little ones, often with no appreciation, and still she sacrifices every day and forgives every day out of love... You can't find any truer truth than a love between a mother and child.

We, as women, love deeply and profoundly in ways most men can't understand. It's why they don't understand women. It's as if it were a natural, Darwinian instinct with our gender.

When we are in love with a man, we thrive in our worlds. We get our work done better and faster when we aren't day dreaming, and once we are in a relationship, we can't function when there's a tiff that has you questioning yor man's love for you. It's as if love fuels us.

The thing about love is behind the scenes, love is mending spiritual wounds. Our love for people makes a profound difference in ways that we can't sense with our physical bodies, but it happens, and many times, people do notice.

To be a woman means to be wonder. Stop wandering around and go look in a mirror and wonder. You are Wonder Woman.

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